Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

SENCO Lead:  Emma Hudson


Supporting Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The aim of our nursery is inclusion for all children. The nursery aims to work with each child from day one. We will provide support for the child and parent/carer working as a partnership.

Early Intervention

In order to ensure that we can be inclusive to all children and their families within the nursery we require an “All about Me” form to be completed as part of our standard Entry Form. This form provides a wealth of information regarding the child’s likes, dislikes, health information and any special requirements/special educational needs and/or religious/cultural beliefs/requirements. Any significant needs would be discussed prior to admission to ensure that we can meet the child’s needs effectively.

SEN Support

The nursery has a designated Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) who is on hand to provide support and advice to both staff members and parents/carers when required. The SENCO’s role is to ensure regular liaison takes place between parents and key workers and other professional agencies as needed, concerning children with Special Educational Needs or disabilities. The SENCO is responsible for gathering relevant information (assessments etc.) and putting appropriate strategies in place to support the child with their learning and development; these strategies may include Individual Education Plans,care plans or a request for external agencies to become involved (with parental consent). Our SENCO is Emma Hudson, she is on-site Mondays through to Thursdays during term time.

Regular observations and assessments are carried out throughout the nursery and review meetings are held with parents/carers. These are an opportunity for parents / carers to raise any concerns they may have about their child’s progress and also agreed next steps for development with the key person.

Partnership with Parents

We recognise and respect that parents/carers are their child’s first educators and that we are here to support them as a family unit and provide appropriate guidance and advice should it ever be needed.