We are wholly dedicated to keeping your child safe from harm whilst in our care and seek to provide a safe environment for all who attend the setting  We regularly update our comprehensive safeguarding policy in line with Herefordshire Safeguarding Children Board guidelines, and ensure staff access up to date training.  Jude Larkin has undertaken Designated Safeguarding Officer training whilst many other staff hold a ‘Leading in Safeguarding’ award. There is always a safeguarding lead on site.

Our Safeguarding Policy is updated regularly available for inspection at any time upon request and is displayed in the foyer of the building.

We have a secure coded and biometric (fingerprint recognition) door entry systems and security doors throughout the building. We also have a CCTV system that allows staff to view (and review) who is entering/ leaving the building and also offers a wide view of certain areas of the setting. Coverage is due to be expanded in 2018.

We ensure that all visitors are signed into the premises and regular visitors are DBS checked.

Use of mobile ‘phones is NOT permitted on the premises. If you wish to make a call, please do so away from the building.
Please observe our rules as it they are a strict part of our safeguarding policy. You will be asked to put your ‘phone away if you are seen using it on the premises.

Our staff use walkie talkies or internal telephones to communicate between rooms and also when outside or on trips , so there is always direct contact with others available, in the event of any emergency.

Use of Photographs

When registering your child at nursery, we do ask for your consent to use photographs. These will only be used in your child’s learning journey, on Tapestry or for displays within the setting. These photographs will always remain on nursery property.

Should we undertake press releases, you will be approached for consent for your child to appear in any media output. We do keep archived photographs of pupils who have attended Gateway, for occasional use in publications of on the website

Collection of children

When booking your child’s sessions we ask that you remain aware of the time to collect your child, as there is a charge for late collection, which apply to a whole hour not part thereof.. Should you wish to extend your child’s session then we will be more than happy to accommodate where we can if we receive notice.  We operate a strict security policy for collection where only named persons may collect your child. If you need someone else to collect your child then they will need to know a security password that you will provide on registration. We also ask that you inform us of the person collecting before giving them the security password. Your child will never leave our care unless you have named the person collecting or they use the allocated password.

Outside space

All of our gardens are fenced, safe and secure and all exits are covered by CCTV.

Staff ratios

We maintain strict staffing ratios at all times, in line with requirements laid down by our regulators Ofsted and the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, which is also a condition of our insurances. In the event that a room is understaffed due to illness or absence of members of staff, we may need to join rooms and rearrange staff accordingly, to ensure the safety of all children and to maintain ratios. Whilst we understand that this may be disruptive, it is also an essentiality in maintaining the safety of children. At the end of the day, rooms may merge when quieter, to allow staff to undertake administration time – or simply in order that children can spend time with older or younger peers, which is important.