TUESDAY 12th December – UPDATE

Apologies for closure today – this was totally beyond our control, given the 9 inches of snow that covered the car park this morning! Mr Ray , Mr Andy, Mr Dom and Mrs Jude have tried very hard to clear this today, however there is still a significant amount of snow in place – along with an abandoned Jaguar car which was blocking part of the turn around area directly in front of the gates earlier. If anyone knows who owns it, could they please ask if it could possibly be moved to a more convenient place before the morning?

Surfaces have been gritted this afternoon however with temperatures of up to -15 predicted tonight, these could once again be a major safety concern in the morning and the likelihood is that we may have to close once again. Unfortunately, people have helped themselves to rock salt from our grit bin over the weekend and we only have a very small supply left to grit tomorrow !

Some Gateway staff have children whose schools are closed tomorrow and since we have legal staffing ratios to adhere to, bringing those children to work with them is sometimes not practical as they have to be counted in ratios too.

To give us a chance to assess the situation in the morning, we are going to say that we will open but not until 10.30 at the earliest and only until 15.30. This will allow people to be at work for part of the day. Come the morning however, it may be plainly obvious that closing for another day will be the only sensible way forward and the safest option for everyone.

Please consider safety and necessity before considering driving. The main roads this afternoon were fine however the nursery road (Longworth Lane) is still quite dodgy, despite having been snowploughed earlier. Obviously all surfaces are very wet and with the forecast freeze, could be potentially dreadful in the morning.

Please check this website right up to 10.15 tomorrow for more information – if we do have to close then we apologise in advance, however we are hoping to offer a skeleton service if at all possible.

Many thanks for your understanding – we only have everyones safety in mind.